Monday, August 5, 2013

August 5 - Good times and a bad case of the giggles

HI, cuties!

This week has been hilarious. I honestly feel like I don't have that much to say... and then also I have way too much to say. Princess Bride quote, anyone? "Let me 'splain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up."

Welp. Our week was full of contacting magic and meeting so many funny people. I LOVE contacting. I just want to talk to every single person I meet, allll day. It's the bayest. It was also full of SO much learning, a lot of which I don't even know how to put into words, other than that I feel different, in a good way. My favorite investie, B, dropped us. I was heartbroken, just because she's had a direct confirmation of the truth... but then it's like. There are so many other people who need this message. Maybe now is just not her time. I can accept that. That agency thing, I tell ya. It's a killer. WHY CAN'T WE JUST TAKE IT AWAY? Not like the entire Plan of Happiness hinges on it or anything... so, yeah.

Let's talk about some gems from this week:

-I bought a headwrap because we always teach African ladies in headwraps. We went to the African fabric market and got it DONE. I like to wear it while I do casual things like eat applesauce. 

-We were stopping by a less-active, when I noticed a man like yelling in the parking lot and flailing his arms above his head in frustration and talking to no one in particular. Naturally, I gave him a solid head nod and smiled. He came over and then proceeded to vent about how charitable organizations ask too much of volunteers. When he was done and I was still smiling, he smiled too and pulled out the card for his CD. "Gimme Some Christmas!" Underneath, it said, "It's ORIGINAL, FRESH, and HOT!" I feel like this is a great time to mention that he was in his sixties and suuuuper flamboyant. Someone please. YouTube this guy.

-We had African food that looked like diarrhea and was the best thing I ever ingested. Spinach rice. Can't even talk about it. The cook was like, "What this look like to you?" I... can't answer, ma'am.  

And those are just a few of the daily funnies, but they lead into the other part of the week I mentioned - the learning. Richard G. Scott has said, "A good sense of humor helps revelation."

That's the gospel truth. This week was so inspired. There are no coincidences, and I have the firmest testimony that God can do this work. He can accomplish his purposes. He just loves us enough to allow us to be a part of it, so we can learn along the way.

On Tuesday, I was in charge of the area while Sister M was at Mission Leadership Counsel. It was pouring rain and like eight of the roads were under construction. Sister S from my MTC group came here and worked with me and we had so much fun, but we were so disoriented. Every single time we said a prayer, we got pointed in the right direction. And the more specific we were with our prayers, the more specific our answers. We prayed to understand turn-by-turn where we should go, and when we pulled over to look at the map, some construction workers came over and asked if we needed help. I showed them the address, hoping they could just point us in the general direction. Nope, he pulls out his GPS and is like, "Can I write it down for you turn-by-turn?" Um, hi.

When we got to the neighborhood where our next stop was, we decided to knock doors. After some rough rejections from some STAUNCH Lutherans, we decided to pray for inspiration. I felt like we should cross the street and knock this house that was all dark. Just really strongly. We knocked and this lady who was going through a divorce answered, and talked all about how her kids were sick, the divorce was so rough, etc. We both felt prompted at the same time to share a Proclamation to the Family. She loved it and said she actually had a friend who was Mormon. We asked, and it was the woman feeding us dinner later that night. When we got to the car, my sticky from Sister M
had said to follow up about the ward member's friend she'd mentioned before, and challenge her to give the friend a Proclamation to the Family. So... there's that. We went to dinner and shared the experience, and the ward member told us that the day before, the lady had called her and asked to go to lunch and talk about her religion, because she felt lost.

AND THEN WE KNOCK INTO HER WITHOUT KNOWING. And the best part about missionary work, is stuff like that happens all the time.

When I was on exchange with Cedar Lake this week, we went to stop by a former investigator's address, and she'd moved out. In her home was a perfectly prepared family who loved the message of the restoration, asked incredible questions, and made me laugh like nobody's business. If someone living there before had never investigated and rejected the gospel, they may never have found what THEY were looking for. I absolutely love the way that works.

I've also really enjoyed this week seeing our companionship grow. Just the knowledge that when you trust another person with your weaknesses, together you forge a strength. It's a simple truth, but it's so true, and it applies to all our friendships and relationships. Most of all, it applies to our Savior Jesus Christ. He knows us. He can help us. As soon as we share our struggles with him - whether they are regrets, sins, habits, a need we don't think we can fill, He can help us get to where we need to be. And the Lord will provide a means for it to happen, every. single. time.

I love this work and I love all of you. :) I hope you have the happiest week.

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