Monday, September 30, 2013

September 23: Crazytown

This week was WILD. I feel like I didn't sit down or think straight once. It was the most random, exhausting week. But SUCH a good one! So it goes in missionary work. :)

So... in keeping with the week, this email will probably be pretty random and exhausted. Will it be a good one? Ehhhhh. You be the judge, America. 

So. This week:

Brother B (the man I talked about last week, whose wife is a member who just came into activity) passed his interview, and is all set for baptism this Saturday. We attended the baptism of B, a Liberian woman the senior couple is teaching, and he was glowing the whole time. Eyes all-a-glow. 

But really? He's the most amazing, Christlike man in the world. His whole life he has been working to bring those around him closer to happiness, and once he read the Book of Mormon, he was able to realize that that happiness he's been inviting everyone to have, and that he himself was seeking - is Jesus Christ. I love that as missionaries, when you meet someone, you never meet them at absolute square one. Even an atheist, or someone who has never heard of God. They're in the middle on the path to God, and you just get to walk with them for a while, and point out things along the path that maybe they didn't quite see. 

That's been such a happy thing with Brother B this week. As he has reflected on the past 50 years of his life, he is now looking with eyes that have seen the truthfulness of the gospel. It's like 3-D glasses, in perspective. So many instances when the Lord walked with him or provided for him, he now has the understanding to see. 

My gash. It's SO amazing to see the change in someone as they accept the gospel. Their family is still struggling with various things, illness and finance and handicaps. But now they are living the gospel. And that alone is greater than any opposition. I love that. 

HALSO. As we were out tracting this week, we hit an hour where we weren't seeing much success. Just a solid nothing. We were tracting Spookytown - the affectionate nickname we've given to an apartment complex where we get "hey mama"ed and "go shawty"ed more than I'd like to admit. Hahaha. We felt we weren't being productive where we were, so we pulled off in a corner of the hall and said a prayer. We kept feeling we should knock just one more door. (That hadn't worked for the last 8, but we DID.) The woman living there looked at our tags and invited us in as soon as we said our names. We talked with her for almost an hour, about losing 7 of her 12 siblings to drugs, about her love of the Lord, about the restoration of Jesus Christ's gospel. When we were done, she got on her phone, calling all those in her building and in neighboring buildings to recommend meeting with us. They were dubious at first, but she emphatically encouraged them. Like. EM. PHat. ICALLY. Hahaha. She's the sassiest black woman ever.  We were able to teach her friend K right after. K asked for a card and pamphlet to share with her brother. Such a great miracle. :)

We have seen so many miracles, met so many cutie families, and felt the Spirit so strongly this week. I wish I had time for more specifics, but may I just say, I love this work. I love that I get to wake up every day, all day, and focus on other people. God lives and loves us. Jesus Christ is our Savior. And no matter what happens, when we know that, all is well. :)

Have such a good one!

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