Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Some peektures

The first picture is Sister E. We've never served together. But we both agree that jazz-hands is an acceptable door approach. So in other words, we never will serve together. 

Second is Sister H, one of my Andover seesters. I loved having her in my sister group. She's great. We also coordinate often. Herrrrooooooo SEESTER.

I also like to cradle those I serve. I'll include that, too.

 The first picture is my favorite hermana, Hermana P. We've been roommates for the past 6 months. Sometimes, when personal study is a little sleepy, she puts her scarf on her head like a turban and puts on a show. I like that.

Next up is Sister T. We are the same height and she's the most beautiful person in the world. Solid obsessed with her. HI SISTER T. She's right next to me. I lobbbbe her.

The District Christmas pic. Someone had to coordinate it. You guessed it. That someone is ALSO wearing a holiday sweater. MERRY CHRISTMAS.

This is me on my way to go contact a park. I always accidentally speed-walk ahead of Sister Toone and frolic while I wait. (If there is no one in sight.) Look at that SKY. Every reason to frolic.

With my Nigerian friend, Cheye

Hermana P again. It's her birthday Tuesdeeeeee. We're going to MLC, cause she's a Spanish Sister Training Leader. ROADTRIP TO BLOOMINGTON.

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